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GeoVerse Studies


Geological coverage like no other

CGG has the most expansive selection of multi-client geological studies in the industry. Over 500 bespoke studies fuelled by rich data sources and authored by world-leading geoscientists.

De-risk exploration in frontier and mature basins

As complex plays become the new norm, understanding the geology is the foundation of every successful exploration programme. GeoVerse Studies offers a global portfolio of geologically based digital studies spanning regional and play scales. 

Why choose geological studies?

  • Trusted to reduce continent-to-prospect scale risk in both new ventures and exploration
  • Proven expertise that delivers consistent surface and subsurface linkage and correlation
  • Unique sources of new data to support opportunity assessment
  • Low-cost screening and validated model building

We have your area covered

GeoVerse Studies provide near-global coverage of hydrocarbon basins around the world. Our reports with rich attribution and detailed interpretations help you make faster and more informed decisions.

Experience GeoVerse

Head on over to the data library to see our full global data coverage. Here you can interact with the data and enquire for a virtual demonstration.

Get in touch

Ready to schedule a virtual demonstration? Get in contact us with and one of our GeoVerse representatives will be in touch.

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