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GeoVerse PaleoSpace


Next-Generation Earth's Source Predictions modeling

GeoVerse PalaeoSpace provides users with the industry’s richest paleo-Earth systems datasets that span the most productive source-generating intervals in Earth’s history. 

Uncover geological data of the past to meet today's challenges

Access to GeoVerse PaleoSpace provides rich global map products and the ability to evaluate geological data in its original geometric context. This includes access to over 6,700 simulated modeling results.

Retrace boundaries with the deformable plate model

Each layer is built on the back of our unique global deformable plate model, providing insight into the past with precise results. 

Key Earth systems data vital for exploration

GeoVerse Paleospace provides a uniquely detailed suite of Earth Systems Modeling results and an innovative methodology to provide predictive power for source facies generation and preservation.

    Uncover key source intervals

    With access to the industries most detailed paleo-Earth modeling results, increase your chances of finding the next big play opener.

    Experience GeoVerse AI-Xplorer

    Experience the power of generative Ai with the GeoVerse AI-Xplorer. The smartest geological virtual assistant in the industry. Register for free today!

    Get in touch

    Ready to schedule a virtual demonstration? Get in contact us with and one of our GeoVerse representatives will be in touch.

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