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GeoVerse for Oil & Gas

From global geochemistry datasets to play-scale petroleum play fairway mapping, GeoVerse enables quick and efficient data interrogation

We don't do small

Spanning decades, CGG has amassed the largest petroleum geological multi-client library in the industry. Browse through our exciting product line below to learn more.

Explore global datasets

Exploration enables game-changing geological data analytics and data interrogation by combining advanced databasing and machine-learning processes to enhance exploration campaigns.

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Unlock petroleum potential

Interpretations is a next-generation play fairway mapping product for selected key basins, generated by industry leading geoscience teams that were behind the highly successful Tellus/Basins & Plays.

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Access geological data anywhere

With Web Apps, access web-hosted data analytics dashboards powered by GeoVerse allowing rapid data extraction and analysis. Each dashboard Solution integrates multi-disciplinary datasets specific to your work programs.

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Browse regional to basin-scale reports

GeoVerse Studies, often known as the Robertson Red Book Reports, contain over 500+ reports from across the globe providing highly detailed summaries and geological maps for frontier and mature basin exploration.

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Experience GeoVerse

Experience the power of generative Ai with the GeoVerse AI-Xplorer. The smartest geological virtual assistant in the industry. Register for free today!

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Ready to schedule a virtual demonstration? Get in contact us with and one of our GeoVerse representatives will be in touch.

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