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GeoVerse Carbon Storage

Achieving net zero

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) supports the net zero drive by tackling emissions from power generation and industrial assets, providing solutions in some sectors where emissions are hardest to reduce, like cement production​.

Rapid scalable carbon storage solutions

By 2050, CCUS projects at a minimum need to account for 15% of the global contributions to carbon net zero. To achieve this, rapid scalable solutions are needed. This includes the increased need for more volumes of carbon stored in saline aquifers and depleted fields.

Successful criteria for CCUS evaluation


Successful carbon storage requires detailed understanding of the trap size, pore volume, static reservoir properties and CO2 density.


Guaranteeing safety of potential sites and long-term trapping of CO2 is crucial for storage success. This requires advanced knowledge of the seal integrity and thorough analysis of legacy wells’ stability.​


Efficient carbon storage requires detailed dynamic reservoir property data, site knowledge of the CO2 flow properties and reservoir fluid geochemistry.

Storage Play Quality Index

Using a multi-facetted approach, CGG has devised a unique and tailored approach to de-risking potential CCUS sites including key criteria such as:

  • Geological context
  • Reservoir suitability
  • Containment risk
  • Geochemical reactivity
  • Geomechanical constraints

Key deliverables

A licence to GeoVerse Carbon Storage includes:

  • Play-specific Storage Play Quality Index
  • Storage Play Quality Index methodology and matrix
  • Full attributes and parameter maps
  • Chronostratigraphic and play summary montages
  • Summary report on key insights
  • Quality-controlled database of studied well data

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