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GeoVerse Critical Minerals


The energy of the future

Lithium is considered to be a critical element for the energy transition and current sources are insufficient for anticipated demand. With the main sources of lithium held in only a handful of countries, the need for additional lithium production and alternative sources is growing. 

Meeting lithium demand

Electric vehicles (EV) use a wide range of critical minerals, and lithium is a key ingredient. From 2016 to 2020, global lithium production increased by 116%. With the continued rise in EV sales and the reductions in battery costs, the demand for lithium is only going to increase.

Unique Insights

Fully multidisciplinary integrated products provide unique solutions to the ever-growing energy demand.

Discipline Experts

World-Class Mapping

Frontier Lithium Exploration

Palaeo-Salars Lithium

By combining state-of-the-art satellite imagery, machine learning and geoscience expertise, CGG's new Palaeo-Salars Lithium project looks to support the identification of new targets and increasingly sustainable recovery of this key metal. 

Geothermal Lithium Brines

A new multi-client product consisting of an extensive water geochemistry database to facilitate global screening for geothermally associated lithium and other critical minerals. The richly attributed database allows for the identification of characteristics that may promote project development and inform investment decisions. 

Key workflows

Multi-facetted approach to supporting new and sustainable sources of Lithium

  • Global database: Water chemistry, power plants, flow rates.
  • Data conditioning and quality checking across all datasets.
  • Mapping geothermal sites worldwide

Key deliverables

Geothermal Lithium deliverables include:

  • Fully attributed spatial map packages in industry standard GIS formats
  • Comprehensive global water chemistry datasets
  • Project report providing supportive information on lithium source to sink and data reviews

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