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GeoVerse Geothermal


Global Geothermal Resource Assessment

Uniquely, the project provides a globally consistent, quality controlled dataset of over 500,000 subsurface temperature and geothermal gradient data points and extensive geological knowledge. The data are used to evaluate the Earth’s heat resources and identify areas of greatest geothermal energy potential, for exploration, screening and analogue purposes.

Global geothermal screening

GeoVerse Geothermal provides true global geothermal screening maps curated from a wide range of public and CGG exclusive datasets.

Ready to use

The Geothermal Global Resource Assessment is a ready-to-use GIS package empowering users from day one.

GeoVerse Geothermal deliverables

The GeoVerse Geothermal provides key datasets and maps for global screening:

  • Geothermal gradient dataset
  • Global map of basins and belts
  • Global geothermal gradient map
  • Global geothermal resource map
  • Geothermal power plants dataset

Geothermal Lithium Brines Study

Gain a competitive advantage in critical minerals exploration by utilizing CGG's new multi-client hybrid geothermal minerals database. This dataset facilitates global screening for geothermally associated critical minerals such as lithium and includes extensive water geochemistry data to support the identification of characteristics that may promote project development and inform investment decisions. 

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