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Carbon Storage Gulf of Mexico

Uncovering hidden potential in US GOM with GeoVerse

Carbon Storage GOM offers users with a unique perspective for screening the shallow water Gulf Coast.

Enhance your search with GeoVerse

Powered by GeoVerseTM technologies, Carbon Storage projects offer fully inventorized and interpreted datasets which build into our industry-leading Storage Play Quality Index Maps. 

Project Overview

The project aims to provide a coherent database for CCUS screening in the shallow water Gulf coast, including a digital well database, an inventory of candidate carbon storage plays and a series of screening maps using CGG's methodology.

Main features of the project include:

  • Focus on the shallow offshore Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas
  • Foundational geological data from GeoVerseTM database
  • Targeted well screening data collection, collation, digitalization and transformation
  • Application of CGG's proven screening methodology to generate Storage Play Quality Indices (SPQI)
  • Online dashboards for pre-set data analytics and index maps viewing

What makes Carbon Storage GOM unique?

Rich digital well database – A subject-matter-expert guided screening of thousands of wells to identify key wells with appropriate data for CCS evaluation. Digital transformation of data from trapped legacy formats into an analytic-ready database using CGGs unique Data Hub capabilities. Data enhancement from the multidisciplinary processing of the data, always focused on CCS evaluation.

Storage Play Quality Index - The Storage Play Quality Index (SPQI) is CCG’s unique methodology and tool to screen for favourable storage areas within a play at basin scale. It relies on the combination of several key sub-surface parameters, including the reservoir and seal geological characteristics but also more importantly their petrophysical and geomechanical properties, as well as the aquifer geochemistry.

Why choose Carbon Storage Gulf of Mexico?


Carbon Storage Gulf of Mexico is sourced by fully digitized well data. Including wireline and petrophysical logs, tabulated point data with depth references such as pressure, temperature, core data and more. The data is structured using the GeoVerse taxonomy which underpins all of GeoVerse applications to ensure full multi-disciplinary integration.


Using a multi-facetted approach, Carbon Storage contains a unique set of Storage Play Quality Index (SPQI) maps to help de-risk potential sites in US Gulf of Mexico region. The end-user has access to 42 individual parameter index, including combined SPQI maps for each of 3 plays which have been identified by CGG experts as favourable targets for CO2 sequestration.

Cloud-Hosted Access

We've developed the cloud-hosted GeoVerse Xplorer platform to make it easier to access the data you license. Simply login and click on Carbon Storage to access the data. You have the ability to view and interpret online or download the files to use them in a GIS-compliant software of your choosing.

What makes GeoVerse different?

GeoVerseTM breaks down the boundaries of global data meaning we are able to integrate all our data into projects which benefit the consumer. Some of our key pillars include:

  • Digital: Digitally transformed data-rich regional studies
  • Spatial: Global play-level mapping and database coverage
  • Consistency: Fully attributed data architecture and unqiue taxonomy
  • Evergreening: Continually growing databases form non-proprietary fieldwork and public domain source

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